Fashion & Lifestyle Blog – 1 year old today

Hello Beautiful People ❀

Bon Weekend!

I hope you are having a lovely morning? I am going on holidays today so am in a very good mood as you can imagine. I just wanted to do a quick little post to mark by Blog’s 1st Birthday. I can’t believe how quickly that year has passed and how much has changed since my very first post!


I was so nervous about creating this little blog of mine. I genuinely was scared that I would be laughed at and that nobody would ever think to read it. I just want to say a big Thank You to those who have been so supportive and kind, some from the very beginning. I am more than grateful at how many lovely responses I have received throughout the year. I really cannot believe people’s positivity and generosity. You guys have made me really happy that I took the risk!

Although I do sometimes feel like my little blog seems inadequate in comparison to the far more established offerings out there, I have to remember it is a work in progress. Just as I am! πŸ™‚ I feel that even in my personal life I have come a lot further within this year. I try to keep my blog positive and it is predominantly about things we all go through; the good and the bad. It has been more than refreshing to see that I am not the only one who sometimes struggles and who needs a helping hand from time to time. I’ve even picked up some great tips from you all on remaining positive. This is something I can’t thank you enough for!

Basically all I wanted to say is how thankful I am that any one of you even decided to read my little blog in the first place. It genuinely means so much to me ❀

Here’s to another year of positivity and making the most of the little things!

All My Love

Z x

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