Invisalign: 6 Month Honest Review

Hello Beautiful People ❤

Happy Monday! I hope you’re all set for the week ahead?. On Saturday I posted on my social media pages about doing an Invisalign update. I just want to say Thanks so much to all who sent me snaps with their questions!

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I didn’t know much about Invisalign before getting them, all I knew was that I wanted straight teeth. In hindsight, I wish I had done a bit more research but we live we learn. I’m hoping that by giving you guys Honest updates, it will help anyone considering Invisalign or any other clear braces in the future.

Moi in all my braced face wonder :

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A lot of the questions were quite similar so I’ve compiled a quick list of the most popular ones.

1.Do they still hurt after a few months? Yes they do. Definitely not as much as when I first got them on though. When a new set is put in (every two weeks) they are significantly tighter and so cause some discomfort. It honestly is bearable now though!

2. How often do you go back to the orthodontist? I go to my Orthodontist every eight weeks. I am given four packets which I have to wear for the two week period. I then return for a check up and the next set of aligners. 

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3. Is it difficult putting them in and taking them out? No not at all. It just becomes a habit. I was so worried doing it at the beginning. It was also quite painful at the start, however now I don’t even flinch. In saying that, I did spend 10 minutes the other day trying to put the bottom aligner onto my top teeth. In my defence I was extremely sleep deprived (and I’m just not the brightest sometimes!) The braces cannot be blamed for this.

4. Are you self conscious wearing them? To be honest, yes I sometimes do feel a bit more conscious about having them in. It’s not a big worry though. I was very nervous about them in the early stages and felt they were quite noticeable, but they aren’t too bad. You really do get used to them, thankfully!

5. How do you clean them? I clean them with my tooth brush. They are quite easy to look after. I also use Steradent to clean them every now and again. Yes this is the stuff used for dentures! I just find it kills off any bacteria and can stop your mouth from getting infections – always a plus.

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6. How much longer do you have to wear the Invisalign? I am going to have them on until October. Ten months in total. Initially this felt like a lifetime, but it has flown. I didn’t believe anyone when they told me it would, but the six month mark has genuinely come so quickly.

7. Have you any tips for wearing them? Do NOT leave them out for too long at any one time. They do hurt putting them back in if they are out for 2 hours or more. I, being a little worse for wear one night, annoyingly forgot to put them back in after  my mandatory ‘post alcohol’ snack. The next morning to compliment my hangover, I had extremely sore teeth when I put the aligners back in. I won’t be letting that happen again!

8. Are your teeth much straighter? I personally don’t think they are straight yet. Maybe this is because I know how I want them to look? I can definitely see improvements and I am looking forward to seeing the outcome in October. People I have’t seen for a while have said that they notice a big difference in my teeth. I suppose it’s just because I am used to seeing them everyday. I am excited to finally have straight teeth, it’s been my biggest issue with my appearance for as long as I can remember.

If anyone has any other questions that weren’t covered in this review, then just send me a Snap (daydreamerchic) and I will happily reply. I hope this is useful to anyone considering their options for straighter teeth. I will keep you all updated over the next four months via Snapchat and my social media pages (Instagram / Facebook / Twitter)

Have a great week Guys & Until Next Time

Z x

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