Healthy Eating | Summer Food Swaps

Hello Beautiful People ❤

I hope you’re all having a lovely day? The Summer is now in full swing, how long it lasts though is a different story. While it’s here however, there’s no reason why we can’t make the most of it. I always tend to to struggle with the healthy eating when the hot weather comes along. I definitely let things slip since last Friday, so on Tuesday I dragged myself back onto the wagon.

The weather is even better this week, but I am determined not to over indulge. A few little treats here and there isn’t any harm in my opinion, so I’ve put together a little Summer Swap List. These Snacks and Treats won’t make you feel like you’ve undone all you’re hard work.

fitness, weight loss, diet, summer, healthy alternatives

diet friendly, alcohol, weight loss, positivity

BBQ’s tend to become more frequent when the weather gets hot – who doesn’t love a good BBQ in the sun? Sometimes it’s nice to just indulge, but when it’s already been an indulgent week, I try to make some healthier choices when it comes to what I put with my burger.

diet, fitness, healthy alternatives, healthy BBQ, summer, photographyI know in many cases it can get a bit boring only drinking water. It’s nice to grab something refreshing with a nice flavour. Juice is often portrayed as the healthy option, however a lot of juices can have the same amount of sugar as a doughnut. I know which I would rather blow my indulgence on! fitness, weight loss, diet, homemade, healthy eating, summer

I know all of the above are not necessarily part of a completely ‘Clean Diet’ but sometimes we have to treat ourselves. Live a little! I find if I restrict myself while everyone else is enjoying themselves, I just give in and over eat then to compensate. Balance helps fuel willpower and prevents splurges when it comes to yummy food.

I hope these little swaps and healthy alternatives are helpful 🙂

Have a great week Guys ❤

Z x

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