Positive Lifestyle – Stop Making Excuses

Hello Beautiful People ❤

How are we all today? Fabulous I hope. I feel I should explain the origins of this post before I get into the swing of things. Whilst out shopping last week, I told my Mam she is a bad influence when it comes to me spending so much money on clothes. Her reply is the reasoning behind today’s post:

“You worry too much, you need to live your life and stop over thinking it”

She was right – the ‘Irish Mammy’ always seems to be right to be fair.

When I thought about it, I realised that over the last few weeks I’ve been pretty hard on myself. I was focusing on everything I need to get done and allowing very little down time. I was always making excuses, mainly just to myself, as to why I couldn’t do something, even if I wanted to. Constantly thinking ‘I’m up really early tomorrow’ or ‘I’ve just too much to get done today’ and even things like worrying about how I would look in my bikini. The list just goes on. I was basically just making excuses as to why I had to be so focused all the time and I was stressing myself out. While it is great to have focus, it’s even better to have balance.

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While I still have been working hard, I have also started to allow for some ‘Me Time’ and am trying to reduce the pressure I put on myself. Over the last week I have been going for dinner, walks on the beach, going for more dinner (haha) and just enjoying time with some of my favourite people.

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I even went to the ‘Screen Unseen’ in Odeon on Monday and yes I had Nachos and more sweets than I care to mention (Odeon nachos are Amazing!) but we had a great, little random date.  I can’t remember the last time I was in the cinema on a Monday and excited to see what would come on the screen. It’s a small thing, but it just made us laugh. I wasn’t thinking my usual ‘Never miss a Monday’ routine, I knew I would eat healthier on Tuesday and get back on track, so I just let myself have a good time.

On a side note, I would recommend seeing Inside Out – it made me want to go home and hug my parents and gave us both a giggle!

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My point is that sometimes we just need to let go. There is a lot of pressure on us all from time to time, so even more reason to just unwind and have some fun. Over thinking and stressing genuinely does not get us anywhere. Trust me, I am an A-Class worrier and it has not benefited my life in anyway. Since taking a more relaxed approach to life I already feel much happier. It’s all about a positive mindset.

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So here’s to a Happy, Positive & Adventurous Week Guys ❤

Z x

Photo Credit: tumblr.com / thetrevorproject.tumblr.com / inspireleads.com

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