Confessions of a Secret Snacker: The Bigger Picture

Hello Beautiful People ❤

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day? I posted about getting back onto the healthy wagon last Monday (Read my top tips here) I have been better than the previous week however my exercise levels have been non existent as my foot is still on the mend. I was on a lot of painkillers last week too which didn’t help my stomach. I was craving comfort food but instead of over eating, I ate healthily and just allowed myself treats here and there.

As I was craving bread a lot this week (more so than usual) I’ve been eating this brown bread from Lidl, it’s low GI and is really fresh too. I’m also a fan of the ‘Be Free’ bagels – they are quite filling too.

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Some of my favourites from this week’s food shopping

food, healthy, weightloss, summer, fitness, shopping, positivity

I’ve had more time to think about things this week, seeing as I wasn’t able to run around (literally) and I think my perspective has changed.

I was quite worried about my ‘bikini bod’ or lack there of and was putting a lot of pressure on myself. I think a lot of us do this before a holiday, don’t we? Then I started to think about the bigger picture, a holiday is not just about how I look in a bikini. It’s about adventure, relaxation and just having a good time. So what if I don’t have abs and have areas that are more on the wobbly side than on the toned side? Does that mean I’m not going to have a good holiday? No! So why do I let myself get so self concious?

I am going to be surrounded by strangers who genuinely couldn’t care less about how I look, the same way I’m not going to be judging people on their appearance. All I can do is eat well and try ease myself back into a fitness routine when my foot is better. There is actually nothing more I can do in the next two weeks and to be honest I have decided that there is so much more to life than my appearance. Don’t get me wrong, I want to look my best but I’m no longer going to be so unrealistic on what ‘My Best’ should be. We need to give ourselves a break sometimes!

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Anyone who is on my Snapchat (daydreamerchic) will see how much I gave myself a break on Saturday – there was a lot of food consumed but I was out for the day and night and really enjoyed myself! I also had a sneaky Nandos yesterday, but didn’t order as much as I usually do!

I feel like I’m getting quite wise in my ripe old age of 24 with my new found acceptance of my own personal imperfections. I’m sure I will counter act this in the next half an hour, but for now I’m going to bask in my wisdom and enjoy my food 😛 Have a great week everyone!

Until Next Time My Loves

Z x

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