Healthy Eating: 5 Simple Tips to Stay on Track

Hello Beautiful People ❤

How are you all today? Today’s post is a bit of a #motivationalmonday one. If you’ve been reading my Confessions of a Secret Snacker posts then you will know I’ve been trying to eat healthily, particularly over the last two weeks. The bikini fear has well and truly gotten into me!

This gave me a bit of a giggle until I realised it summed up my life!

I do sometimes find it difficult to stay motivated for long periods of time. I tend to fall off the wagon after a week or so, but I am determined to introduce a healthy lifestyle. I’m not on about a strict diet and extreme fitness kind of lifestyle, just one that will make me feel good about myself and less self conscious, isn’t that what we all want really?

5 Healthy Eating Tips for Staying on Track

1. Give in a Little – life is all about balance. You have to treat yourself every now and again. I have three cheat meals a week and if I feel like some chocolate, I’ll have a small bit. That way I know I won’t be craving it all day and can continue on eating healthy. This has really worked for me so far, being too strict is not always feasible!

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2. Look at the Long Term – Don’t get disheartened if you have a bad day, weekend or even week. It happens to us all if we’re honest. We’ve all heard the saying that one bad day won’t undo all your good work. The same way one good day won’t undo all the bad work.

Though I am that person who wants to have abs after one workout!

3. Find your own Zen – Stop worrying about what others eat or the exercise they do. Focus on finding your own routine. What works for others may not work for you. I have a pretty big appetite (score- sense the sarcasm!) so I know I wouldn’t be able to eat the same as some of my friends, even though I wish I could. There’s no point worrying about others. Focus on yourself.

4. Be Realistic in what you want to achieve – Staying motivated can largely be based on seeing results. If you set yourself unrealistic targets, you’re not going to get the same level of satisfaction if you ‘almost’ reach them. Keep your goals feasible. You can still push yourself further but set targets step by step, that way you will feel great for every little milestone you hit.

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5. It’s all about Mindset – I know all we hear at the moment is it’s a lifestyle, not a diet’ but it is the truth. It’s something I really need to work on too! What I am trying to do now is also think of the other benefits to reducing the amount of bad food I eat. Energy levels, our skin, our confidence and even how it can impact our overall health. These factors are all reason enough to improve how we eat and how we think about food.

healthy eating, lifestyle, fitness, weightloss, positivity

So they are the little tricks I’ve been trying to implement for almost two weeks now. I’ve had bad days and I’ve had great days when it comes to eating healthy. I think that can be said for all aspects too. I’m not someone who could eat 100% clean all the time, I love food too much so I think it’s best just to take it all one day at a time!

Have a great weekend ❤

Until Next Time My Loves 

Z x

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2 thoughts on “Healthy Eating: 5 Simple Tips to Stay on Track

  1. Awesome tips Zoe, the baby is so cute ahahahaha. Love the idea of balance, sometimes the thought of having to get bikini ready gives ya the cranks 😋
    Siobhan xx

    • It did give me a bit of a laugh too Siobhan! That’s exactly it, life is all about balance & positivity 🙂 x

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