Ordinary Girl’s Guide to Healthy Eating

Hello Beautiful People ❤

It is almost time for the bank holiday weekend so I hope you’re all planning to spend it whatever way makes you happy (not working I hope!) Today’s post is all about little tips and tricks I’ve been given about eating healthily or trying to in my case. I know there are so many great fitness and work out plans out there, I just find that sometimes us ordinary gals struggle with time and well to be honest motivation. It’s tough working long hours and trying to stick to strict regimes. I have tried them all and have fallen off the wagon time and time again.

I would love to have time to constantly cook clean meals and spend my days exercising. Unfortunately for me and many others, that is not the case, quite the opposite actually. While I do try to spend some of my weekend making some healthy food, I find that weekdays leave me pretty stuck for time. I also don’t like to spend my entire weekend in the kitchen either!

Eat Enough

Work can be draining and without enough food, it is easy to crave the things we shouldn’t. Without a substantial lunch and some healthy yet satisfying snacks, we are all prone to reaching for the chocolate or fizzy drinks at that 3.00pm slump. Making sure you fill up on healthier food, will help reduce the sneaky trip to the vending machine. Don’t deprive yourself of enough food, particularly if you’re putting in a long day.

Find healthy food that Satisfies you

Forcing yourself to eat something you don’t like just because it’s healthy, will leave you feeling miserable. Life is too short not to eat good food. Experiment with some different meal options and see what floats your boat. I used to find that salad would never fill me and I’d be left picking at chocolate. Now I try to add in some wholemeal pasta or some cous cous to fill me up but to also make it much tastier. I look forward to my lunch so I want to enjoy it.

Realise What you’re Eating

I am a huge advocate for allowing yourself a treat a day. It really does stop you from binging. I think however it is important to understand what you’re eating. In some cases people don’t realise that they have already had their treat. Be careful with the coffees you order and the sandwich you get made in the shop, they can sometimes be full of hidden calories and saturated fat. Avoid creamy options, that is my number one rule when I am trying to eat healthy on the go.

Be Smart with Alcohol 

I think this may be a bit of an oxymoron, but it is important to be ‘smart’ for want of a better word, when choosing your drink. Many healthy eating plans tell you to cut out the alcohol. I agree it is empty calories, but how many of us actually cut it out completely over a long period? There are however clever ways to avoid piling on the pounds whilst still enjoying a sneaky little tipple. Opt for clear spirits as they have the lowest calories. I also like to put soda water and fresh lime with my drink as opposed to fizzy options as this has little to no calories. To be honest though sometimes this doesn’t always happen, but I do try!

I found this little guide for good alcohol choices from A Filipino Foodie (link below) 

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

I know this is said quite often, but yet we still do it! I hold my hands up, I definitely  compare myself to other. This can be frustrating especially when looking at fitness models and those fabulous girls I see all over Instagram. We need to realise that for some of these women, it is their job to work out, eat clean and look the way they do. The majority of us have a different kind of job that tends to take up 80% of our week. Whether this is in an office, in college, school or being a Mam or even these combined. It is time consuming and we all have different priorities. We really do need to cut ourselves some slack and realise that just because we might have a few wobbly bits, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t trying and still improving. Plus how people appear in photos is not necessarily how they look out in the real world!

Now I certainly don’t have the perfect body, I am not lecturing on how to eat healthily. I am just trying to pass on some things I have found useful myself. I think it’s definitely easier for those of us in similar positions to comprehend body issues and low self esteem. At the end of the day, we have to live a little and can’t always be on the super strict diet and fitness regime. If that means I don’t have a six pack and the perfect body, well so be it.

If anyone else has some tips they have found useful, please feel free to share ❤

Until Next Time My Loves

Z x

Photo Credit: http://www.buzzfeed.com /  www.afilipinofoodie.com / http://www.designclaud.com / http://www.apisanet.com / http://www.traderjoesinsider.tumblr.com / http://www.myfittheory.com / http://www.thequotepedia.com 

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