Confessions of A Secret Snacker: The Curse of the Sweet Tooth

Hello Beautiful People ❤

I hope you all had a great weekend and are having a quick and coffee filled Monday.The weekends really should be made into 3 days shouldn’t they? Below is me today!

I didn’t weigh myself this week. To be honest I have been so busy and away from home towards the end of the week that I just didn’t get the opportunity. It is not a precedent that I want to start so I will be stepping on to those scales this week! Since my last post I’ve noticed my sugar cravings have risen dramatically. I’ve always had a sweet tooth but it’s been particularly bad this week. Left over chocolate from Easter (Lindt Bunnies mainly!) haven’t helped the situation.

I did find this handy little chart which I’m going to try use to curb my cravings!

Food Diary



FullSizeRender (1)

 I do tend to eat out quite a bit which can be calorific. I do try to choose the healthy option. Caeser Salad is not a healthy option but with the dressing on the side, it was the best of a bad bunch. I have no excuse for the chips except that it was Friday.


I did opt for Brown rice and asked for only a small piece of sauce on the stirfry when I was in Lemon Grass, which is healthier than reaching for the chinese that I wanted!

I did also go out on Friday as we were away for the night (I will be doing a little review on the hotel tomorrow) but the alcohol kills my healthy eating! It’s not only the empty calories from the alcohol itself it is also the ‘carefree’ attitude the alcohol invokes. Plus when I’m hungover I eat for Ireland! I’ve decided I’m not going out now for the next two weeks to avoid all of the above.

I’ve also been thinking of ways to stop binging on chocolate and sweet foods, here’s what I’m going to do going forward:

  • Choose Quality over Quantity: How often do we go for the lower calorie option (that is still unhealthy) and then regret it as it doesn’t help our sweet tooth. Just have the option you want and leave it at that, no more picking at sweets here and there!
  • Eat Regularly: Hunger makes you more inclined to throw caution to the wind, stay full.
  • Combine the unhealthy snack with a healthy one: This will prevent you from reaching for a second helping. Eg piece of fruit dipped in chocolate.
  • Fun Size: This is great for complimenting tip number 1. Have the ‘fun size’ option of the chocolate you want and that way the guilt isn’t as bad as it could be!

I’ve already started this week on a healthier note and I’m upping my water intake (even splashed out on a green tea earlier today!)

Have a Happy & Healthy Week Everyone ❤

Until Next Time My Loves

 Z x

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