This Week I’m Loving….

Hello Beautiful People ❤

Happy Tuesday! Anyone else back to work today? (sigh) On the plus side it is a short week and the sun is shining. Today’s post is about my favourites from the last week and what has been making me smile over the past few days 🙂

Going for Dinner (I’m too much of a foodie)

We had a dinner and cinema date on Saturday. We had food in Joels and then went to see ‘While We’re Young’ The film was ok, I think I enjoyed it more than my boyfriend did so I am not allowed pick what we see next!

IMG_2037 IMG_2038

Getting the Ankles Out!

Finally the weather is starting to pick up. It is now possible to wear footwear other than boots (thankfully) Soon the flip flops and sandals will be out 🙂 I love these slip ons that I bought in Office last year, they’re so comfortable and easy to throw on.


Taking a Step Back to Relax

I’ve spent most of the weekend makeup free and it’s been great. I am a huge makeup lover but letting my skin breathe feels amazing. I feel like I’m always doing something that requires me to be dressed up in some way or another, so this weekend I’ve been bringing my pooche for walks and chilling out in the good weather. A large glass of wine was also never too far from reach. Sometime it’s nice to step back and just relax with family.



 Alex & Ani


I’ve been a fan of these bracelets now for a while, so I love adding some new ones to my collection. I recently received two as very thoughtful gifts from my two favourite ladies. I am probably one of the few people who actually wears silver and gold equally as much.



 Kate Spade

I’m in love with my new coin purse, also a lovely gift from a good friend of mine. It’s my first Kate Spade item and it certainly won’t be my last. I’m a big believer of investments when it comes to handbags and purses. Kate Spade has such stylish, simple, leather bags that are just timeless. Of course they have the more quirky options too like my little purse below.


“When life gives you lemons, make lemoncello”


And Finally What I’ve been listening to…

Chilling out and listening to these songs for most of the weekend, it’s been lovely.

So that’s a bit of a summary of my last few days. I love having time off to catch up with friends and family. Here’s to a healthy, happy and wonderful week Guys ❤

Until Next Time My Loves

 Z x


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3 thoughts on “This Week I’m Loving….

  1. Sounds like you had a great week! I really hope this weather keeps up 🙂 And that purse is too cute! xx


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