Confessions of a Secret Snacker : Back on Track

Hello Beautiful People ❤

We are almost over the Hump in the week, stay strong, Friday is coming 🙂 As I said last week I am on a mission to lose half a stone, well now actually 3 lbs. Just from cutting back (not cutting out) bad food, I lost 4lbs in just under a week.


I am not an advocate for quick weight loss, simply because it tends not to last and in general you’re miserable if you are too strict. However the reason I lost the 4 lbs quite quickly is because it was all unnecessary weight from over eating.

Typical Food Diary

Breakfast: Coffee & Overnight Oats

Snack: Smoothie

Lunch: Cully & Sully Soup with a ‘Slimster’ brown roll (Aldi also do great options)

Snack: Liberte Greekstyle Yogurt

Dinner: Salmon & Wholemeal Pasta

Snack: Clean Banana Bread or small bit of Chocolate


Here’s another day of eating

Breakfast: Coffee & Overnight Oats

Lunch: Prawn Stirfry

Snack: Nakd Bar

Dinner: Chicken Pizza & Sweet Potato Wedges

Snack: Mixed Nuts and Raisins

These Noodles are great for adding to a Stir Fry:



I have been mixing and matching those kinds of meals around for the few days. I have had chocolate, but there is always chocolate in my house, sometimes temptation gets the better of me!

It was also my birthday last week, which in my family means cake, sweets, alcohol and just in general a lot of calories! It just proves that because I was flexible and did allow myself treats, I wasn’t tempted to keep picking at things all week. Note the French Fancy’s, my absolute favourite!


I did go out on Saturday and had a bit of a hangover / eat everything kind of day on Sunday, so I am really trying to be good now. I tend to eat well Monday to Friday and then relax at the weekends. I like to go out, go for dinner and socialise so if I watch what I eat Monday – Friday, I am hoping I can still enjoy my weekends 🙂

Have a Happy & Healthy week Guys ❤

Until Next Time My Loves

Z x

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