Affordable Stylish Workout

Hey Guys,

I’m a big advocate of exercise, now I’m not one of these fitness fanatics who has a ripped body (I’m far from it!) but I do honestly think that a workout regardless of its intensity can act as a mood booster. Even if it’s a moderate walk, I find it really clears my head! This has therefore acted as the basis for this post. Workout clothing can be quit expensive, particularly if you are stepping up your workout routine and need more items. Now I hold my hands up and say I am a Nike girl at heart but I realise it’s not always feasible for everyone (myself included) to consistently buy branded training gear. So I have had a browse online to find some cost friendly options for all you gym bunnies 🙂

I do however think runners are always worth the investment. Always!

Fitted Athletic Jacket €23.45 Forever21

Shop Here


€24.99 Newlook

Shop Here

€14.00 Boohoo

Shop Here

Image 1 of Nike Gym Bag

€10.00 ASOS (bargain!)

Shop Here


Shop Here

Leggings €9.00 Penneys / Primark (I’m a big advocate of these leggings, they really are great and so reasonable!)

Shop Here 

‘No Days Off’ Tank Top €10.50 Forever21

Shop Here


Leggings €22.99 Newlook

Shop Here

hmprod (1)

€19.99 H&M

Shop Here


€9.99 H&M

Shop Here

Nike Roshe Run Women's Shoe

€82.00 Nike

Shop Here 

Don’t be put off by the price of runners if you work out then you will get a high return on your investment! Buying cheap versions that aren’t good quality will not only have to be replaced more often, you can also run the risk of hurting your back and joints due to lack of support. In the long term, good quality runners are better value.

There are a large amount of retailers now getting into fitness clothing and offering cost friendly alternatives. One less thing we can use as an excuse! 😉

Until Next Time My Loves

Z x

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