Lip Balm Review

Hey Guys,

As you know I love testing out new products and I love, love, LOVE finding a bargain product that actually works great. Who doesn’t want to find something that doesn’t cost a bomb and makes you look and in turn feel good?! Well today’s post is about a new  lip crayon that I’ve been wearing the last few days. It had a lovely finish to it and it made my lips feel really soft and moisturised, which is essential during the Winter months.

I applied this lip crayon the other day before I left for Christmas shopping: IMG_0122 (1)IMG_0126

I only reapplied it once (after food) other than that it survived almost 6 hours, even after grabbing a coffee. Note the lack of smiling and tired eyes after 6 hours of battling through the crowds!

IMG_0125 (1)

The good news: the Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm is only €5.00 from Catrice. The colour I wore was 030 Don’t Just Think Pink. I’m not usually a ‘pink’ kind of girl, but I really liked this colour! There are a range of different colours to choose from too though if this one doesn’t float your boat.


For such a good price, you can’t really go wrong!

Until Next time My Loves

Z x



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