Prime of your Life

Hey Guys,

I’ve been using a new primer lately and I have to say I’m loving it, so of course I shall share it with you guys. I am extremely fussy when it comes to primers, I find many products can be too thick. My foundation clings to the primer which ends up leaving my make-up streaky; obviously not a good look.  My fussiness has led me to become an advocate for investing in makeup and beauty products, even when they are expensive. I think quality far out weighs cost in terms of importance, however I do love a good bargain when I can find one!

That is why I am now loving Catrice’s Prime and Fine as it is more of balm as opposed to a creamy primer. I use a small bit over my cheeks, chin and forehead and leave for 2 minutes before applying any makeup. I have to admit I’ve noticed my makeup staying on much better throughout the day since I switched to this primer. I generally don’t have time or even the motivation to reapply my make-up during the day. This is unless I am going somewhere after work, in which case I will try to make myself look in some way decent, other than that I am far too lazy and stressed to be running to the bathroom to touch myself up.

I apply my make up around 7.00am each morning and when I don’t generally get home until 7.30 pm (yes I am like a zombie by then!) I have noticed my make up has remained in tact over the last week. This is no easy task considering on some occasions I have to brave the wind and the rain on my travels. It really is a great product for girls on the go!

The product is oil free which I love as it is more beneficial for my own skin type and reduces any shine (I can’t stand shine!) It didn’t leave my skin feeling too dry either which can sometimes be the case with oil free products. It is also a complete bargain at €4.00 so it is definitely worth a try ladies. I was pleasantly surprised.

Until next time My Loves

Z x

3 thoughts on “Prime of your Life

    • Yes I am the exact same, I love the smashbox too but I like to save expensive products for special occasions and nights out. I find that the Catrice one is actually really good and such a bargain! I get it in Penneys / Primark if you go online as well you can buy directly from the brand 🙂 xx

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