Fabulous Find: NK Creative

Hey Guys,

Today I was at a small Christmas fair, getting into the festive spirit when I photo 1 (22)came across the NK Creative stall. I took some pictures to share with you all as the majority of pieces are handmade and original, making them perfect for Christmas presents. From chokers, rings and necklaces to handbags and purses, each piece includes intricate detailing that the founder herself has spent days creating! Handmade gift boxes can also be purchased to create even more of a unique appeal. The prices are also fantastic; starting from as little as €1.00, in fairness where else could you buy a unique piece of jewellery for that price!

NK Creative also takes specific orders so that she can custom make a piece to your liking; another differenciating aspect of this new little business. You will get more than just a bargain when you buy one of NK Creative‘s accessories, you will have something special that can be tailored to your preference! The majority of clothes and accessories currently available are standardised and so I personally am always on the lookout for custom made little gems like the ones in the pictures below.

photo 4 (3) photo 2 (17) photo 1 (21)photo 3 (10)photo 1 (18) photo 2 (18)

My favourite purchase from today is my new ring, which cost €2 (yes only €2.00) and I absolutely love it.

photo 3 (9)

In today’s society, I also think it is really brave of the founder to create her own start-up and have the courage to put herself out there. It’s never easy starting out with anything in life but I genuinely think NK Creative can only get bigger and better!

Check out her facebook page for more fabulous finds:


Happy Shopping 🙂

Z x


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