Healthy Homemade Quiche

Hey Guys,

As I’ve said before, I love unhealthy food and am constantly looking for ways to make healthy alternatives. I think a lot of time people think they are eating healthy and are oblivious to the hidden saturated fat and high salt and sugar levels, contained in a lot of ‘healthy’ foods. Quiche is a prime example of this. I always see people opting for quiche and salad and saying they are on a diet. Yes the salad is healthy but nine times out of ten the quiche is loaded with cheese and pastry, effectively upping the fat levels. I personally do like quiche but I never choose it in a cafe or a restaurant, simply because if I’m going to eat something that fattening I want it to be a burger!

Here is an example of what a regular bacon and cheese quiche contains:

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 Serving (90 g)

Calories 299

Calories from Fat 186

Total Fat 20.732%

Carbohydrates 20.77%

Dietary Fiber 0.94%

Protein 6.3g

As you can see there are high levels of saturated fat and calories from fat included in the quiche, so it really isn’t as healthy an option as you may think. One of my friends recently gave me a recipe for a healthier alternative for quiche. When I tried it I loved it and decided I would share it with you guys, so I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

What you need:

5 eggs


1/2 cup pre-cooked bacon / ham

1 gluten free, wholemeal wrap

1 small slice of cheese (whatever your preference)

What you do:

Mix together 2 eggs and 3 egg whites in a bowl

Place the wrap into a baking tin

Cover the base with the bacon / ham

Add in  3/4 of the egg mixture

Layer a handful of spinach leaves over the mixture

Add in the last bit of the egg mixture

Grate the small slice of cheese and place on the top

Cook for approx 30 minutes / until the egg mixture is solid

photo 2 (13)

photo 1 (15)

So Simple, Quick & Easy!

Hope you Enjoy 🙂

Z x

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