SeaWorld Animal Welfare

I read an article today about a SeaWorld worker who claimed he was ‘hurt’ by the allegations that they don’t care for the animals and inflict cruelty on them. My initial reaction was one of insincere sarcasm where I thought to myself ‘what about how hurt the poor animals are?!’ I decided to read the article out of curiosity as I generally don’t see much of a rebuttle from individual SeaWorld employees. After reading the article in which the employee claims he has dedicated his life to working with these animals and insists he would never do anything to harm said creatures, one part of me started to think; can we tar all employees with the same brush? Is the trouble more involved at top line level as opposed to front line? Now this is not to say that there is any justification for what happens behind the scenes at SeaWorld, it is completely unacceptable for the poor treatment of any animal. It just got me wondering if my perception of SeaWorld workers is in fact reasonable.

One fact I will not budge on however is the proof PETA has found on the premises. These to me do not sound like allegations or claims, they have proof. This means that it is acceptable to believe that the animals are treated poorly. Having read the side of the employee who stated how much he cared, I couldn’t help but wonder if you knew the facilities and treatment (in general) was so bad, why would you remain in their employment? Yes I know the point can be argued that a job is a job, but for someone who claims to love these animals, why would you remain in a place that does not care for them in the correct manner? Is money that important that some people are willing to be a part of this organisation instead of helping the organisations fighting for the animal’s welfare?

I don’t know why I’m even asking that question to be honest, it’s a sad fact that money is the main driver behind many people’s actions and life choices. This is often regardless of who is hurt by these decisions. Animals are often seen as insignificant and therefore it doesn’t matter what happens to them. I can’t even comprehend why this is anyone’s mindset.

PETA have undergone numerous battles with SeaWorld over the poor treatment of ‘their’ animals. I say ‘their’ as it has been stated some of the Orca whales have been effectively poached and stolen from their natural habitat, forced to live in an environment which insists they learn unnatural routines and results in them being left in tanks that are far too small for comfort. PETA have found sunburn on some of the animals there as they cannot escape the sun. Their tanks are too shallow. This goes against their natural instincts to avoid the sun in the shadows of the ocean. This is only the tip of the ice-burg realistically. Wounds and marks have been found on the animals being used in SeaWorld. Proof of what they go through in order to be taught these ‘tricks’ and ‘shows’ I just can’t understand how anyone in this organisation can justify this treatment.

SeaWorld has been cited by the USDA for the poor treatment of the animals in their care. PETA will continue their battle against this cruel and intolerant organisation. SeaWorld makes millions of dollars based on the horrific treatment of these animals. I can’t understand why they are able to get away with it. It just proves that money is one of the most powerful things in the world; such a worrying fact for the future.


Z x

2 thoughts on “SeaWorld Animal Welfare

    • Ye, this is a very good point. It’s easy to say shut it down but that may not benefit all the animals either. It’s difficult to know what the best option would be but I do hope they can one day figure it out.

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