Saturday Night Monochrome

Hey Guys,

I generally love selecting outfits for a night out however as I was feeling unwell, choosing Saturday night’s outfit was a little less satisfying. Now realistically I shouldn’t have been going out while I was sick, but I’ll just skim over that fact 😉 The outfit I chose was quite comfortable (not usually a priority on my list!) but was suitable as I wasn’t feeling the greatest, needless to say I was feeling fabulous four vodkas in! My fabulousness however was short lived and followed by the feeling of absolute death the next day. Yes this is a regular occurrance for me, my Sunday was spent very unproductively, generally just consuming large amounts of greasy food while lying on the couch. This in my eyes is a successful Sunday to be fair.

Anyway I opted for classic monochrome. I prefer to mix a strong lip colour while wearing black and white. On Saturday I went for MAC’s Rebel lip colour as I think it compliments the monochrome look.

photo 1 (13)photo 2 (11)

My white blazer and shoes were an absolute steal at €25.00 and €18.00 respectively, both in Penneys! The black cami was €16.00 River Island and trousers were €16.00 Newlook.


Hope you Enjoyed 🙂

Z x

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