8 Reasons not to Kick your Coffee Addiction

Hey Guys,

As I am an avid coffee lover / borderline addicted, I was delighted to coffeeread some articles lately that highlighted the benefits of drinking the hot beverage. I usually only come across articles condemning my beloved coffee and highlighting the disadvantages of drinking it. Now to be far I don’t let that stop me from drinking it, but it’s nice to get some reassurance that it may actually be beneficial to my body and mind and not just a comforting caffeine boost. So this is for all you other coffee addicts out there 🙂

8 Reasons not to kick your Coffee Addiction

  1. Caffeine can  boost your metabolic rate by up to 11%
  2. The burning of fat can be increased by 10-29% by drinking coffee. This figure depends on your current body fat levels.
  3. Caffeine has very high levels of antioxidants and these are absorbed extremely quick when drinking coffee.
  4. A daily cup of coffee can reduce your risk of type 2 Diabetes by 7%
  5. Coffee can significantly reduce stress. Studies have shown that even the coffee aroma can reduce stress levels in the brain.
  6. Studies have also shown that drinking a daily cup of coffee can reduce your risk if liver disease by up to 20% it was noted that this is particularly relevant for those who consume alcohol regularly (cough)
  7. For women, coffee can reduce your risk of skin cancer, especially those who drink 3 cups or more a day.
  8. Coffee can also reduce your risk of developing Parkinsons & Alzeimers as it improves brains functionally.

So there you have it people, drink coffee until your hearts content and don’t let anyone tell you not to!

Z x

Note: The fat burning facts apply to regular coffee, not lattes or cappuccinos!

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