The New Mrs Clooney

Hey Guys,

Lately I have been slightly obsessed with the newly wed Amal Alamuddin, when I say slightly I mean extremely obsessive over the beauty that is the new Mrs Clooney. It’s not enough that Oscar de la Renta designed her wedding dress, Anna Wintour was also a guest at the wedding. As much I love George Clooney, those factors alone outweigh the actual marriage to the former most eligible bachelor.

This woman radiates style, class and intelligence. Her style oozes a sense of elegance which is further reinforced by her choice of simplistic, chic clothing. It’s no wonder this woman can not only nab herself George Clooney as a hubby, but also put together a seriously stylish outfit.

Sorry George who? I think she may the first woman, nay person to outshine Mr George Clooney, who lets be honest is not easily out-shun! It’s no wonder she’s the one who finally got the eternal singleton to settle down and commit. Despite the law degree, Amal may not be the smartest one in this relationship, after all George was smart enough to put a ring on it!

Hope you enjoyed guys 🙂 Hopefully Amal will not suddenly become camera shy so that we can stay style stalking!

Z x

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