Paris Fashion Week

Hey Guys,

As an avid fashion lover, I have been glued to Paris Fashion Week, unable to concentrate on anything else. This may seem a tad inconvenient, however with the designs currently on offer from the participating designers, I think my obsession is justified. PFW is home to the chicest styles imaginable. Perfectly suited to the city’s renowned style reputation. Enough of my ramblings regarding my love for PFW, here are some of the great looks which have been strutted down the runway.


I was extremely eager to see what this show would have to offer. It tends to be one of my favourites each year. Needless to say onlookers were not left unsatisfied. The news that North West was in the FROW was a tad soul destroying as I would give my left arm to be sitting there, however moving on from being jealous of an enfant!


The designs present on this catwalk were unbelievably beautiful. Extremely feminine and elegant. There was an emphasis on a cinched in waist with large belts, whilst a large focus was also placed on muted colours and draped fabrics.


Balmain can literally be defined as power dressing at it’s finest. Structure played a strong role in the looks on the Balmain catwalk with the colours used also radiating power and strength.


I personally always love Lanvin’s designs. The pieces are simplistic but always have a good shape to them. They have a feminine appeal without being too girlie.

Alexis Mabille

Plunging Necklines were emphasized throughout this show. Icy colours were also prevalent with of course the ever popular black. Each piece looked crisp and clean cut without too much fuss.

Roland Mouret

He wanted ‘to be desirable’ and desirable he was. Roland Mouret was one of the few designer’s who showcased bright colours. From burnt orange to emerald green, the looks present on this catwalk were a stark comparison to many of the muted and monochrome colours offered in the other shows.

There are more great looks to come from Paris Fashion Week and I’m really looking forward to seeing more chic and elegant styles on the catwalk.

Hope you enjoyed this post ladies 🙂

Z x


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