NYFW Favourites

Hey Guys,

So New York Fashion Week has just concluded with London Fashion week commencing. For me and anyone else who shares my love for fashion, this is the equivalent to the Superbowl kicking off. I have been keeping a close eye on all the looks from NYC’s incredible shows in order to bring you the best bits (in my opinion!) I will be doing the same for the London shows too. I will definitely be having a look on the highstreet to find some similar options for those of us who don’t have €2k to drop on a dress 🙂

From the minimalist colours and full skirts on offer from Michael Kors to the ultra feminine dresses from Oscar de la Renta , it’s safe to say that once again the iconic New York week of fashion and fabulousness did not disappoint! So here are my favourite pieces from this year’s NYFW:

Michael Kors

Oscar de la Renta

Victoria Beckham

Calvin Klein

Anna Sui




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