“When the Buying Stops, the Killing can too”

Nobody needs an elephant’s tusk, except for an elephant

A growing tradition among China’s elite is now to provide lavish gifts of Ivory. These carved pieces are utilised as a method of concealing business deals and to also act as a sign of wealth. What does this also equal? Over 100,000  African elephants being poached in the past three years to create these ‘gifts’ and signals of wealth. Africa’s ‘gentle giants’ are being continuously hunted in order to obtain their tusks. These poor animals are facing mutulation in order to act as the suppliers of these ‘gifts’ which is simply horrific. There are no excuses for this, nor are these poachers offering any excuses. They simply want the money. It’s a sad fact that money appears to conquer conscious around the world.

Surely there are alternatives to showcasing ones wealth. ‘Closing the deal’ can be done using different gifts and practices. Animals should not be the ones to suffer. I personally don’t see how a gift that involves an Elephant being brutally murdered and sacrificed, can act as signal of generosity or superiority. To me it radiates ignorance and cruelty.

There are numerous organisation fighting to stop these horrific events. WildAid have worked extremely hard to cease the hunting of animals. The organisation’s slogan which gave inspiration for the name of this post, is dedicated to helping animals in the wild. However most organisations will unfortunately struggle to go head to head with a practice now becoming so deeply rooted in Chinese tradition. Those paying for these ‘gifts’ do not show signs of stopping, nor do they signify any sign of guilt. That is what is most worrying; they don’t feel they have done anything wrong and will therefore continue this practice until they are stopped. This is being portrayed onto the next generation, which is a cycle hard to break. Making it illegal, will not stop this. People need to see what they are doing is immoral. They need to face sanctions to represent the crime they are committing. Not simply the poachers, those paying the poachers. They are the driving force behind it.

I know the saying goes ‘that every little helps’ but as this is a cause so close to my heart, I often feel dwarfed by how big of a challenge it is. I just cannot understand how there are so many people around the world who are willing to allow animals suffer so that they can benefit. I have to wonder what has made them so disrespectful, ignorant and just plain cruel. I wonder if they simply don’t think about the cruelty they are causing or if they simply think they are justified.

I don’t want this post to sound like a rant. I just want to communicate that animals are not an inferior species. How many studies and videos do people need to see which show animals are capable of feeling love and compassion. It is unfortunate they cannot always receive the same from humans.

If you want to find out more about this cause and others like it, then check out http://www.wildaid.org for more info.




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