Developing a Thicker Skin

“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

We’ve all heard this Bob Marley quote on numerous occasions. Some of us have even had it sang to us in a poorly executed Jamaican accent, yes my friends are a little nuts! At the end of the day though, hearing this does not necessarily make you feel any better, especially when you have worries running through your head.  I am one of those people who worries about things. These ‘things’ tend to be stuff I cannot in anyway control and so are pretty pointless to worry about. However telling someone not to worry about something that they are already stressing over, is like telling an alcoholic not to drink when they are half way through their first drink. It’s pointless. Sometimes you can’t just switch your brain off!

I did however receive some advice from a good friend of mine the other day. She told me to ‘chuck it in the fuck it bucket!’ I’m aware this is not a new saying, however it was the first time I really thought about it. It’s so true. Even the most successful people on the planet stress themselves out. I’m sure they too worry about things outside of their control, but what makes them move on and carry on? I have come to the conclusion that they do indeed have a ‘fuck it’ bucket. Not everything goes your way in life. Sometimes there are things we have no say in. Yes this can be unfair and sometimes feels completely unnecessary but I have decided that I am going to create my own figurative bucket in which I shall put my irrational worries and fears.

I’m not saying that this means I will lead a care free life. It means that I will make a conscious effort to stop worrying about things outside of my control. I have always admired  and in some cases envied those who can turn their brain’s off from outside issues and perspectives. However I don’t necessarily think its a bad thing to consider others in your decision making process. I just think it’s important to realise that when your decisions don’t pan out exactly how you imagined, it’s important to stop worrying about other’s opinions on the matter and in some cases their opinions of you. It is very difficult to change someone’s perception of you and they are entitled to their own opinions. In the same way we all are. Not everyone will agree, like one another or even be willing to see different perspectives. Does that mean we shouldn’t pursue our plans? We can’t always worry about how others will react. I for one am striving to get a thicker skin and achieve the goals I have set myself regardless of other opinions. I know this is easier said than done, but from now on any negativity which cannot be used in a constructive manner is going in my Fuck it Bucket!


1 thought on “Developing a Thicker Skin

  1. Great post – so true! It is hard to develop that thicker skin, but I love the idea of the fuck it bucket – something we all need! It is hard to get to that point where you just don’t care any more, but it is also so freeing – something we should all aim towards 🙂 I wrote a post about how to stop sabotaging yourself in this respect and live a happier life – you might find it helps 🙂

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