Love Animals, Not Their Coats

Hey Guys,

Today I am veering away from my usual fashion and beauty posts and discussing something that is really close to my heart. Anyone who has read my previous posts regarding animals, will know how much of an avid animal lover I am. Any sort of animal cruelty really gets to me. I think it’s the way I was raised. I know hate is a strong word but I genuinely hate anything that results in the poor treatment of animals.

The main purpose of this article is to discuss the issue of real fur. As I do one day wish to become a journalist, I have conducted prior research on this subject in order to gain other perspectives before writing this post. I feel that despite my own personal opinions and feelings on the matter, at the end of the day everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I do believe real fur is wrong however this post is not about lecturing those who do not feel the same.

I have previously discussed the topic of real fur with my family members, some of which are from Siberia. From this conversation I was informed that when the winter temperature drops to -40 degrees in Russia, real fur is one of the only things that will insulate your body enough to keep you alive. As I have not experienced this I cannot really argue for or against this point. I just thought it was an important factor to consider. I have also worked with a vintage store operating in Dublin, which is one of the few locations in Ireland which still sells real fur. From probing further into this matter, I was informed by the owner, who is also an avid animal lover, that the fur which is sold in store is genuine vintage. It has been farmed ‘correctly’ for want of a better phrase. She stated that she would never purchase fur which is obtained in the same way we read about today. Being a true vintage store, she sells the items which truely represent the styles from the appropriate eras. These two conversations do showcase the other side to wearing fur, however I will let you make up your own opinions on their points of view.

Despite the fact I believe everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, I cannot comprehend why people choose to wear real fur as a fashion statement. Do they realize how this fur is obtained? I wonder would they be as eager to carry around a picture of the poor animals who have been skinned alive to create the coat they believe makes them look so glamorous? With fake fur that looks so good now available, I don’t understand why someone would choose to promote and encourage the horrific treatment of animals hunted for their fur. By wearing real fur as a fashion statement, that is effectively what they are doing. Thanks to the internet and animal rights organisations, no argument of ignorance can be deemed believable. The sad fact is, the majority of these people probably do know how their precious fur coat was created, they simply don’t care. Has society become so preoccupied with image that they are willing to ignore the reality of what makes up their image?

I have not included any pictures of how real fur is obtained in my post, as I previously mentioned it is not difficult to find these images online if you so wish. One thing I will leave you with this quote which perfectly sums up that we should love animals not just their coats.

“Let your compassion define your Fashion”

(also cute pictures of bunnies never hurt anyone!) 😉

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