Vintage Bliss

Hey Guys,

Today I spent my Saturday mooching around Dublin City and I have to say it’s one of my favourite things to do. Despite the initial wind and rain, my friend and I decided we would brave the elements to go dress shopping in the capital. Taking a detour off Grafton Street and embarking on to Dublin’s Creative Quarter, the clouds began to clear with the sun setting along the beautiful Drury Street. Our day was beginning to brighten up in all sense of the words.

Our first stop was the fascinating OM Diva. I personally love this store. It’s not just the beautiful pieces this store contains, it is the enchanting and alluring atmosphere that it conveys. The store which is spread across three floors, albeit a small three floors, is full of charm and character. From the vintage vogue magazines that portray a retro vibe to the beautifully eclectic decor, OM Diva is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The clothes and accessories sold in store are predominantly feminine and girlie, perfect for an upcoming occasion. Here are some pics from our day spent in vintage heaven;

Occasion Wear

photo (60)photo (62)photo (63)photo (59)

 The Decor 

photo (64)photo (61)photo (58)photo (66)

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