Cheryl’s Style Turnaround

Hey Guys,

So firstly before I continue on with my post, I just want to say that anyone who knows me will know that I have never considered Cheryl Cole as a style icon. Ever. Prior to her axing from X-factor, I did not find Mrs C’s style overly appealing and look I do believe in each to their own. However since she has dropped the Cole and added the Fernandez Versini, the woman has learned how to dress herself. Gone are the days of the too short, bodycon dresses which realistically only showed off her (amazing) body, not actually any sort of style. Mrs FV now has decided that being stylish is more important and what a good job she has done. From the newly ombre’d hair to the minimalist and monochrome looks she has been rocking of late, it’s safe to say Mrs FV has come along way since her WAG days. It makes me wonder of Mr FV has had any impact on his wife’s style, after all the French businessman is pretty stylish himself. It seems to me that Cheryl is now embracing a more Chic look often associated with French style. Here are some of Mrs FV’s best looks from recent months:



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