Dublin Fashion Festival

Hey Guys & Gals,

I have recently been asked to participate in the Dublin Fashion Festival.
Now this is obviously not as a model (lol) but as a blogger. Something I a
m very excited about. So for any of you who are unsure of what this festi
val is, here’s a quick glimpse into what it is all about.

Dublin Fashion Festival takes place annually, running from Thursday the 4th until Sunday the 7th of September. The DFF is proudly preparing for its fifth consecutive year with the launch event going down a great success on the 5th of August. This festival is not only full of style inspiration with great fun and shopping inspiration to be found, it also highlights Dublin’s progression into a city with serious style cred. Dublin has long contained fashion lovers who portray their own style and throughout the past decade the city has become increasingly more prominent on the European style radar. The DFF highlights this and communicates it to others not just around Ireland but around Europe also. The events which take place throughout the Dublin Fashion Festival showcase the amazing fashion to be found in Dublin. From designer flagship stores such as Brown Thomas to high-street giants Penneys. The festival even reveals new, upcoming designers to watch out for and some classic vintage finds. There is something for everyone to take inspiration from regardless of their budget or preference.

Unlike other cities which host an exclusive ‘Fashion Week’ where only top celebrities are welcome, Dublin Fashion Festival also represents a sense of community. This is something often not found in other larger, fashion forward locations. The festival highlights that although Dublin has a promising future into rivalling cities such as London and Paris in terms of style, it is still a place where locals are encouraged to participate and get involved. This is something that is important in Irish culture and it is great to see it is maintained throughout such a popular event.

Angela Scanlon, the Irish born stylist, producer and writer is the face ofAngela Scanlon the festival and will also play host for the fashion show event on the 5th of
September. Scanlon who knows the Dublin fashion scene inside out, is the perfect choice to represent the celebration of the city’s fashion. This further reinforces that the DFF is about bringing the people of Dublin together to celebrate a shared passion for fashion.

I will keep you guys updated as the event goes on. There will be plenty of pics to share with you all too 🙂

Photocred: http://www.dff.ie; http://www.entertainment.ie

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