The Best of Boho

Whether or not you’re hitting the festivals this Summer, Boho / Hippie Chic is on the top of everyone’s wish list at the moment. With celebs such as Vanessa Hudgens and the Jenners embracing this style; its popularity is increasing fast. In order to successfully achieve this style, jewellery and accessories are key! So here are some of the best bits (in my opinion!) on the high street at the moment, all of which can be purchased on a budget.

Forever 21


Caged Sandals €28.90, Bib necklace €10.90, Straw Fedora €12.90 Headband €3.80

River Island

 Head band €20.00 Body chain €13.00 Backpack €40.00 Boots €50.00



Crotchet kimono €29.99, Necklace €14.99, Hair garland €6.99, Beaded Aztec bag €24.99



hmprodbrown beltbrownbootshmprod (1)

 Necklace €12.99, Belt €14.99, Boots €29.99, Aztec scarf €14.99


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