D&G Show How the Other Half Live

Situated in a small cove off the island of Capri, Dolce & Gabbanna welcomed guests to witness their incredible Alta Mode Couture Show. The 200 guests in attendance were requested to dress La Dolce Vita and were treated to a show that can only be described to us meer mortals as breath taking. From models arriving on boats adorned with roses, to the extravagant attire they were showcasing, I think it’s safe to say this was not a regular, run of the mill catwalk exhibition. The incredible and unique setting for the show paid homage to the designers’ beloved home country and a mediterranean fairy-tale atmosphere was created for those lucky enough to be present.


The Fashion power house that is D&G showcased hand painted, striped skirts, velvet bodices and beautiful ballgowns. The bright jewel colours and prints clashing against the picture-esque background of the show’s setting. Guests who were selected for the coveted position in the ‘FROW’ included Anna Wintour (of course) and Anna Dello Russo. Guests were treated to a theatrical firework display to signal the finale of the show, with the after party continuing for a further twenty four hours.

This really is how the other half live! For the rest of us we will have to settle for a glimpse into this lavish lifestyle through our trusty Vogue and of course the ever informative internet searches. I think however events like this can only be understood through experiencing them. It has me thinking, what exactly am I doing wrong?! Maybe this year my invite got lost in the post, so until next time D&G 🙂

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