Family is Family

I was shown this video yesterday about the reunion between ‘Christian’ the lion and his previous owners who raised him. The video is aimed at communicating the importance of loving your friends and staying in contact. While I did get this from watching it, the main thing I took from it is how loving animals can be when they are treated right and shown love. For anyone who has been reading my blog, you will know how much of an animal lover I am, hopefully after watching this video you will understand why. Animals who experience love will always give it back in return. This cannot always be said for people, yet wild animals like the lion in this video are hunted on a regular basis. This video proves exactly why they shouldn’t be.

Now excuse the cheesy Whitney song playing in the background, though it is quite fitting! The quality is also not the greatest as it’s quite old, but if you can ignore all of that for a sec, I think you will really enjoy the video 🙂

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