Fit outweighs Skinny..Literally!

For as long as I can remember magazines and advertisements have always contained the most beautiful, stylish women. All of which had one thing in common: their bodies. Every woman was always really slim with long enviable legs and arms with the flattest stomach you can imagine. This however soon got taken to the extreme with models and celebrities becoming far too thin. too skinnyThere has always been objections to this from women and certain organisations however little was ever done about it. Designers and brands weren’t going to change the habit of a life time. They believed this was the best method of promoting their products and brand. As a marketing graduate I can actually comprehend their reasoning; they were basing their decisions on methods they felt would aid the brand. I would however of expected someone to break away from the norm long before they did.

Now it is still beautiful women who grace the advertising platforms fFitnicoleor companies, however one thing has changed; these girls no longer look ill. There is more of an emphasis placed on looking fit and healthy with glowing skin as opposed to looking gaunt and as if they have just finished a two day bender! Now these girls are still very slim however most now look like they hit the gym instead of just not eating.This reflects the shift that has occurred in society. It is no longer desirable to be so thin that curves are non existent, instead its all about working out, being toned whilst also retaining a cleavage and curvy behind! Fit has literally out weighed skinny!! beyonceH&M

This is not discriminatory against naturally very thin girls, this is just a movement into embracing your natural body shape and enhancing it through being fit and healthy. Now I am well aware these models and actresses do not eat everything they want, of course they still undertake a strict diet, but there is more of a backlash now if they promofit cameronte an unhealthy lifestyle. This in turn encourages them to not have jutting bones and ribs, instead they remain slim, but they look good. The long, stick like arms and legs have been replaced with muscle, toned and sculpted limbs instead.

There is still pressure on girfitjessicals to look a certain way, but this is always going to be the case. Us ordinary gals don’t have a personal trainer, chef and makeup artist on hand to ensure we look polished at every moment of the day. We all have days when we don’t look our best (to say the least!) but so what, once you are fit and healthy, this will radiate through the messy hair and tracksuit on our off days!

I am never going to be someone who cuts out carbs and sugar. I simply can’t, I love them too much and at the end of the day it is not worth being miserable! Instead I choose to work out where I can and eat as healthily as possible whilst allowing myself to have the food I love. I do look at models like Miranda Kerr and wish I could look like that as I’m sure most other ladies do. It is important to remember though that this will always be the case in society. That’s why these advertisements exist. A marketing team has researched what the target audience wants and adheres to and they have developed a strategy to go above and beyond this.

It is important to remember that it is much more beneficial to embrace and enhance your own body and shape than to starve yourself to achieve somebody else’s. I think this is finally becoming the ‘norm’ now in society. Thankfully! People are pushing themselves to work out instead of avoiding food. I wish this had of been the case when I was growing up. Being a teen and wanting a very specific body shape which you clearly don’t have is very hard on you. I am a little over 5ft so I was never going to have the long legs that every celeb at the time seemed to have.


All you have to do now is see the thousand’s of Instagram and Facebook pages based on working out and eating healthyfit2. Yes there are still pro-ana sites and pages but they have lost popularity
(unfortunately not all) There also still are designers who choose extremely thin models and celebs who are the same. This is the same for non celebrities too. However there is less pressure now put on girls to be too skinny. The goal is now to look fit. It is now possible to actually be content AND feel good at the same time. Being fit and working out is good for the mind and the body, being underweight is not!! Choose strength over bones!

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