Animal Rights

The recent story of Raju the elephant who was rescued after 50 years in captivity has been widespread across the internet the past few days. The poor elephant who was subject to cruel beatings and all kinds of rajutorture was freed by Wildlife SOS. Raju shed tears of joy in response to his new found freedom and the acts of love and kindness he is now receiving. This proves that animals can feel the same as humans; they hurt, they feel neglect and they can also feel love and easily get attached. Then why are they treated so poorly around the world?

This is a subject I feel very strongly about and have done ever since I was a young girl. Unfortunately Raju is one of the rare few that are rescued in time. Many animals around the world are being tortured and experiencing cruelty on a regular basis; from neglected domestic pets to suffering ‘wildlife’ captured and forced to learn tricks for amusement shows.

These animals have no voice, they cannot escape, they endure this cruelty because it is often ignored by society. As a child I loved going to the circus and any sort of show that involved animals. I was too naive to understand how these animals were so good at undertaking the tricks and tasks they performed Β to the crowd’s amusement. Increasingly however animal rights organisations are campaigning against the poor treatment of animals. Although they cannot rescue each animal, their campaigns are generating awareness. Regrettably however this cruelty will not end until those inflicting it are punished appropriately. There is little point hoping that these ‘monsters’ for want of a better word, would realise their wrong doings and cease their acts of cruelty. Lets be honest we do not live in a perfect world, that is unlikely to happen. There needs to be a punishment worthy of the crime.

In my opinion it will be difficult to wipe out animal cruelty, there will always be people who do not consider their actions. The same can be said to all kinds of issues around the world. I think however society must stick together to show it will not be tolerated. Animals deserve to be treated kindly and experience love. This goes from how they are cared for and trained and also to the love they are shown. They need to experience love too, they are not to be forgotten about or tortured. Animals can bring great joy to people so why treat them poorly?

On a lighter note, to reinforce the happiness and joy animals can bring, have a look at these cuties πŸ™‚


1 thought on “Animal Rights

  1. This is such a great and yet heartbreaking post – so important to be heartbroken and raise awareness like this so we all act and do what we can to prevent future cases – I just hope Raju can find peace and comfort in his safety now. I wrote a post on it and would love your thoughts – xx

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