On Wednesdays we wear Pink

You know the movie, you know the drill; on Wednesdays we wear pink or you can’t sit with us! Gotta love mean Girls. I’m not usually a pink kind of girl. A vibrant pink however can really compliment a tan in the summer. So I figured a little pink can’t hurt and it is Wednesday after all.

If like me you pink barry mdon’t want to go full on pink sensation then add some pink accessories to your look. Pink nails and shoes will enhance the summer appeal of your outfit and will inject a pop of colour. These heelspink shoes RI from River Island are a  firm favourite amongst celebs like Rosanna Davidson and will look great with denim or white jeans. If your feeling brave use them to clash against another bright colour or tropical prints for an extra style gold star.

Thewhite jeans RIse skinnies from River Island are only €35 and are perfect for summer, They will work great with not just pink but any vibrant colour. Or check out Zara for some great printed trouszaraers
to theme with some pink accessories. The trousers pictured to the right are currently on sale in Zara so grab yourself a bargain!

If you want to go all out and get into the summer spirit, thpink dress rien why not go for this pink summer dress from River Island. Compliment this simple dress with tan sandals (New Look are great for these) and add a statement necklace to give the outfit an added style bonus.  Opt for simple gold, white or turquoise to compliment the colour tone.


turq newlookgold RI   white statement

Turquoise: New Look, Gold tone: River Island, White: Miss Selfridge



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