Happiness is..Saving Mr Banks

Today’s happiness is based on the wonderful, feel good movie that is Saving Mr Banks. Now I may be a bit bias as I love Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson. I think they can play any role in any film and make it work. I don’t think anyone can argue with the casting in this film though. From the prim and proper Mrs. Travers to the charasmatic Mr. Walt Disney, every character plays their part perfectly!

The film is sad in parts but it is honest and quite charming. It really gives an insight into the creation of Mary Poppins; a character that most idolize as a child. If you haven’t seen Mary Poppins (Really?!) then I would advise you to watch it prior to this film.

My friend and I spent the majority of the film singing along to the songs and we were instantly thrown back to our childhood. I would recommend this film to anyone looking to do a movie night with friends and I dare you to try not sing along.


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