The Bring Back our Girls Campaign

On the 15th of April in Nigeria, the terrorist group Boko Haram kidnapped 273 school girls aged between 16 and 18, from the Chibok Government Secondary School. It was reported that an estimated 50 girls managed to escape however the rest still remain captivated.

On May 5th the leader of the terrorist organisation; Abubakar Shekau released a statement stating that Allah had instructed him to ‘sell’ the girls as within his religion slavery is ‘allowed’ It was clear from the statement that the leader did not feel any remorse and believes that his actions were right.

Boko Haram is an Islamic militant group that is fighting against the ‘westernisation’ of Nigeria. The organisation believes women should not be entitled to education, thus explaining their reasoning to kidnap school girls. UNICEF, the UN and governments worldwide have all condemned the actions of the group, however to little heath. It appears that the groups religious beliefs or their interpretation of their religion, which in my opinion is more apt, is stronger than any fear of repercussions they may face. In my opinion no religion should be used to justify an act of terror. A religion is not there to hide behind to defend your wrongful actions, it should be there to give people hope and to have something to believe in. Unfortunately in this world it would appear beliefs are twisted and manipulated in order to justify actions of terrorists..

The #BringBackOurGirls campaign has been launched in retaliation to the mass kidnapping across a multitude of online plcelebs bring back our girls_0atforms. This campaign has been endorsed by numerous celebs including Cara Delevingne, Jessica Biel with even Michelle Obama getting involved.

One positive thing that can come from this campaign is the awareness it’s creating, not just for this horrific incident but for all the others too. Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident. Other horrific acts of terror against women are carried out every day but do not receive the publication they deserve. This has sparked an interest in women’s rights and how they are treated in different countries.

No person whether they are male or female have the right to deprive another of their basic human rights.Has society not evolved enough at this stage to understand that women should not be treated as slaves. Do these ‘societies’ not realize that without both men and women, life would not be possible?

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