Be Savvy in Summer Sales

Ok so it’s that time again when all the summer sales are kicking off on the high street, for those of us working in retail this means excess clothing on the floor and long hours! But for those of you lucky enough to be shopping in these sales as opposed to working, there are a few things to be mindful of before you spend your hard earned cash!

The best advice I could give to anyone about sale shopping is: only buy it if you would pay full price for it! Do not just buy something because it is on sale. Chances are you will regret buying it. Save your money for something you really like regardless if it is on sale or not.

Always remember the items that are on sale are there because the store couldn’t sell them full price. It is very rare that new season pieces go into the sale so don’t spend fortunes on items that lets face will be out of style in the next few months.

Now we have all done this one; buying  an extravagant piece, that looks amazing in the shop, but that goes with absolutely nothing in your wardrobe. What’s going to happen here? One of two options: it’s either going to sit in the back of your wardrobe or your going to have to go buy new bits to go with it, which defeats the savings you made from buying it in the sale. It is all well and good if you really like the item and/or have an occasion coming up that you can where it to, but if you only bought it because you wouldn’t be able to afford something similar full price, you will regret it!

This might seem like an obvious one but you would be surprised at how often people forget to CHECK THE ITEMS FOR DAMAGE! The amount of people trying to return sale items after a week due to damage only to be told that refunds are not offered on sale items. Most places will allow for an exchange however more often that not this will not be allowed if the piece is damaged in anyway. Don’t lose out by buying something that is broken or has makeup on it, it’s not worth your money!

All in all shopping in the sales can be very successful with great bargains to be found. It can however be quite misleading too. I always look in the store or on the website prior to the sale being launched and pick out what I want. When the sales starts I purchase those items (if the bank balance allows me to do so!) and I try not to be distracted by any other items that I did not previously want and get sucked into the illusion of these ‘great offers’

Just be smart with your cash!

Happy Shopping 🙂





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